DGS PAXTrack® is a patent pending state-of-the-art technology that improves airlines' ability to serve special needs passengers, reduce employee costs and improve research and reporting.

Designed by and delivered through DGS, PAXTrack® combines Geographic Information Systems, wireless personal computers and digital mapping in a dynamic dispatching system.

Using PAXTrack® technology, an employee scans the passenger's boarding card at all points of contact providing real-time tracking. The system dynamically interfaces with relevant passenger itinerary information, following and monitoring the process until service is complete.

How Can I Address EU Initiatives for Persons with Reduced Mobility?

By providing real-time passenger tracking information from point of origin to final destination.

How Can I Better Serve the Passenger?

Excessive wait time is the #1 complaint made by special needs passengers. PAXTrack® dynamic dispatch capabilities put your employees in front of the passenger sooner.

How Can I Better Serve Persons with Reduced Mobility?

PAXTrack® data collection and analysis capabilities enable airports or airlines to improve customer service, employee productivity, reduce costs, and improve research and reporting for complaint resolutions.

PAXTrack® Performs Real-Time VIP and Unaccompanied Minor Tracking